Twelve Steps Guide by Brian Lynch M.D

Twelve Steps to Emotional Health

We came to realize that we are profoundly emotional beings and that unless we understand our emotions we are very often powerless over our own actions and are powerless over the world.
We came to believe that by coming to know our own powerful emotions we may maximize peace and joy in our lives.


Twelve Steps Rewritten

The reader should be warned that this piece takes a new look at the traditional "12 Steops." But first, I often find it surprising how many people still are not familiar with the movement and have not even heard of the “12 steps.”  For those that are new to the the recovery process this may well be an easier read as I write this to challange much of the traditional view.
  I had not reread the original version of the “12 Steps” for some time. I had occasion to do so and I was surprised at how much I did not like them. I originally rewrote them some 13 years ago and they became the basis for my book “Knowing Your Emotions.”


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